AcquCAM 23S

AcquCAM 23S

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  • USB 3.0 Monochrome Camera
  • 1/1.2 ” Exmor Sensor
  • 1920×1200 pixel
  • Trigger input and I/O

AcquCAM 23S
EXMOR Sensors: Next-generation imaging sensors based on CMOS, increase the strength and reduce noise.


High sensitivity camera available from visible to IR range

20151120_1(CA1 pyramidal neuron)
Apply high sensitivity EXMOR sensor with additional filter block visible range, IR Cut filter image could be observed.


Available wider range of observation

AcquCAM 23S_6
By applying a 1 / 1.2 ” EXMOR sensor, you can observe a wider range of superior sensitivity image.
These images were shot by AcquCAM 23S Package.

High sensitivity and fast frame image

AcquCAM 23S_(CA3 pyramidal neuron)

AcquCAM 23S_(Dentate gyrus Granule cell)
To maximize the range of imaging possible observation with fast frame 54Fps and high sensitivity 0.015 lx .


Spec Description
Size 1/1.2 inch
Resolution H: 1920, V: 1200
Pixel size H: 5.86 µm, V: 5.86 µm
Video formats

& Frame rate

1920×1200 Y16 @ 25 fps

1920×1200 Y800 @ 54 fps

Sensitivity 0.015 lx
Exposure time 1/100000 to 30 s
Lens mount C/Cs mount
Interface USB 3.0
Power supply 4.5 to 5.5 VDC
Dimensions H: 29 mm, W: 29 mm, L: 43 mm
Mass 65 g