ImagePro11 Compared to ImagePro10

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Image & MetaData Management

  • Channel Management – Save unique characteristics per channel

Views & Overlays

  • Well Plate Viewer
  • Color-Coded Well Plate Heat Maps

Search & Help

  • Universal Search across Recently Used items & Help topics
  • Dockable & Dynamic Help panel for easy access to Documentation


  • Flexible License Linking/Unlinking to Computer or License Server in addition to USB dongles
  • Online License “Bundle” management – Control module configuration per base product

Data Collection & Display

  • Display Data using Heat Maps
  • Display annotated images in Data Table along with statistical data


  • Adjust measurement overlay appearances by class

Protocol-based Segmentation

  • Run on single file multi-positional (including multi-well) datasets or collections of individual images
  • Bi-direction feedback between data tables & annotated images & charts
  • Library of Protocol reports for both large datasets & single images
  • Analysis Protocols – Essentials Collection (Objects within Objects, Object Count, % Area)
  • Analysis Protocols – Cell Biology Collection (Apoptosis, Autophagy, Cell Count, Cell Morphology & more)
  • Analysis Protocols – Cell Biology Advanced Collection (Angiogenesis, Colocalization, Neurite Outgrowth, & more)
  • Analysis Protocols – Materials Collection (Particles, Pores, Particle Phase, Fiber Thickness, & more)

Multi-Channel Capture

  • LightSource Device Control
  • Acquisition of mixed multi-channel & transmitted light datasets
  • Automated capture of multichannel image-set (w/ a supported multi-channel light source)
  • Guided acquisition of multi-channel image-sets from a manual microscope

Real-Time Deconvolution

  • 2D Real-Time Deconvolution integrated with Capture
  • Wiener Filter-based algorithm
  • 2D Iterative-based algorithm

3D Visualization

  • 3D viewer with advanced control & volume rendering (Min & Max Projections)
  • Clipping plane viewing
  • Slicer viewing

3D Visualization of Big Data Sets

  • Convert Large Image Sets Into Pyramidal Tiff for Big Data Visualization
  • 2D Fixed & Adaptive Deconvolution Algorithms
  • Support of both Theoretical & Measured PSFs
  • GPU Acceleration
  • PSF generation for WF, CF, 2 Photon, Spinning Disk, & STED modalities
  • Spherical Abberation Correction
  • Batch Deconvolution
  • Bundles can be left as floating licenses or can be fixed to a single workstation
  • Bundle assignment to License Server can be adjusted anytime as needed
  • User time out returns license back to License Server